2023 is The Year of the Trail in North Carolina

Great Outdoor Provision Co. is a proud supporter of The Year of the Trail in NC. The Year of the Trail campaign is the largest statewide celebration of trails in North Carolina history. All 100 counties have beautiful outdoor recreation to enjoy. This campaign, brought to you by the Great Trails State Coalition, and sponsored by Great Outdoor Provision Co., “will reach communities with the message of how and where to experience trails that showcase North Carolina’s beautiful landscapes, provide healthy recreation, and stimulate local economies.”  Join us in celebrating the Great Trails State, and scroll down to discover your trail!

We’ve got Virginia hiking adventures too!

Where is your next destination? From mountains to sea, across the great state of NC, there are places to discover and trails to enjoy. Here are just a few of our favorite places.

Celebrate North Carolina’s Mountains-to-Sea Trail with a Section Hike