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We don’t just sell gear – we show you how to use it! Every boat purchase comes with a free orientation. We’ll cover the basics of paddling technique and even offer free on-water orientation at our events. Our staff uses a multi-point Quality Assurance Checklist to make sure we cover the basics –  transportation, storage, adjustment, outfitting, and more. Our try before you buy program offers a unique opportunity to rent our boats before purchasing. Our buyback guarantee, competitive pricing, and custom outfitting service make your purchase easy.

Warranty & Repair

If you have an issue with a boat or board, we’ll work with the manufacturer to resolve the issue – even if your boat or board is no longer under warranty. If your boat isn’t from one of our stores, we are happy to help with any questions or repairs. Contact your local store to see what boat services are offered.

We Can Help

We pride ourselves in carrying the best gear in the industry. We don’t sell anything in our stores that we haven’t tested ourselves. We are here to help you find the best equipment for whatever adventure you choose!

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