1. How do I make a return or exchange?

Please visit our “Refund Policy” page for information about returns and exchanges. 

“Patagonia Sample Sale” product is NON-RETURNABLE, NON-REFUNDABLE as stated on each product from this collection.

2. How do I purchase a kayak, canoe, paddleboard or trailer?
Currently, the only way to purchase a boat is to Email Your Local Shop about scheduling a curbside pickup transaction. 

3. Did You Purchase / Receive A Digital Gift Card Between March & September 2020?
Your digital gift card has moved to our new website! (Where you are now).

Search your email inbox where you purchased / received the digital gift card for “Your Gift Card Is Moving to Our New Website!” This email contains your updated gift card information in PDF form!

4. Why Won’t My Gift Card Work Online?
Only GOPC Digital Gift Cards are redeemable online. GOPC Digital Gift Cards are ALSO redeemable in-stores!

“EVENTS” gift cards, (photo below) are given out as promotions and are only redeemable in-stores.

Physical “plastic” GOPC Gift Cards (photo below) are also only redeemable in-stores. If you would like to have your physical gift card changed to a Digital card, please send us an email to: shop@greatoutdoorprovision.com with your name and full 8 digit number on the back.

Best way to get your question answered? Email your local shop!

Chapel Hill – gopc501@greatoutdoorprovion.com

Charlotte – gopc301@greatoutdoorprovision

Charlottesville – gopc201@greatoutdoorprovision.com

Greensboro – gopc801@greatoutdoorprovision.com

Greenville – gopc101@greatoutdoorprovision.com

Raleigh – gopc401@greatoutdoorprovision.com

Virginia Beach – gopc701@greatoutdoorprovision.com

Wilmington – gopc901@greatoutdoorprovision.com

Winston-Salem – gopc601@greatoutdoorprovision.com