1. How do I make a return or exchange?

Please visit our “Refund Policy” page for information about returns and exchanges. 

“Patagonia Sample Sale” product is NON-RETURNABLE, NON-REFUNDABLE as stated on each product from this collection.

2. Are you experiencing an additional issue with your GOPC Digital Gift Card?
We want to help! Please email us at shop@greatoutdoorprovision.com with:
a). your gift card/voucher number
b). the email address associated with the gift card / voucher
c). the purchase date or date you received it (if possible).

3. Are Some Gift Cards only valid in stores?
Only GOPC Digital Gift Cards are redeemable online. GOPC Digital Gift Cards are ALSO redeemable in-stores!

“EVENTS” gift cards, (photo below) are given out as promotions and are only redeemable in-stores.

Physical “plastic” GOPC Gift Cards (photo below) are also only redeemable in-stores. If you would like to have your physical gift card changed to a Digital card, please send us an email to: shop@greatoutdoorprovision.com with your name and full 8 digit number on the back.

Physical & Digital GOPC Gift Cards are nonrefundable and NOT redeemable for cash.

Best way to get your question answered? Email your local shop!

Chapel Hill – gopc501@greatoutdoorprovion.com

Charlotte – gopc301@greatoutdoorprovision

Charlottesville – gopc201@greatoutdoorprovision.com

Greensboro – gopc801@greatoutdoorprovision.com

Greenville – gopc101@greatoutdoorprovision.com

Raleigh – gopc401@greatoutdoorprovision.com

Virginia Beach – gopc701@greatoutdoorprovision.com

Wilmington – gopc901@greatoutdoorprovision.com

Winston-Salem – gopc601@greatoutdoorprovision.com