The Broad River Greenway is truly the place for all seasons. It’s also proven to be the place for all outdoor enthusiasts with a variety of trails for mountain bikers, equestrians, leashed-pets, hikers, paddlers, and more!

The Broad River Greenway trail penetrates about 1,500 acres of land protected on both sides of the Broad River through Cleveland County. The 4-mile trail serves as the spine for a more extensive trail network in the area. It connects with about 20 miles of additional trail, surely to keep you entertained for a while. The trail possibilities are endless and accommodating for all kinds.

The trailhead is handicap accessible, with educational displays to follow. Additionally, the vast network is open to equestrians with a designated equestrian parking area. Horses aren’t the only pets welcome on this trail, as the greenway is the perfect place for all leashed pets to be. The area is also a commonly known mountain biking location. This makes it an especially popular destination in the area. Sharing the trail with the wide variety of occupants, you’re reminded to communicate with other trail-goers and yield to the steeds if you’re hiking or biking nearby. Enhancing the greenway’s popularity even more are a fishing pier, a playground, and benches around to take in the scene. If you’re interested in paddling, well, they’ve got that too. This place really has it all!

When you’re all tired out from a fun-filled day of paddling, biking, hiking, fishing, or riding, sit back and relax at one of the picnic areas. The Broad River Greenway lives up to its motto, a place for all seasons.
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Image Credit: Copyright 2023 – Broad River Greenway