Update 11/01/19: The Bonafide Limited Editions have arrived in Raleigh and are in stock! We are working hard to get them to our other locations ASAP. We received both SS107 & SS127 in Fusion, BK-25, Black Widow & Tiki , as well as the RS117 Limited Edition in Canyon. Contact your local shop for more details.

Live the story you want to tell. Bonafide is planning a very small production run of Limited Edition kayaks and after seeing these in person at iCast, we believe they will sell out quickly. Quite simply: These kayaks are absolutely stunning and exceeded our expectations. The Limited Edition boats will be available in 4 striking themes and only in the SS-107 & SS-127 models. In addition to a really cool design theme, here are the differences we could spot between the regular SS series and the new SS107/127 LE:

· Seat Fabric is color-matched to the overall theme
· Custom color matched traction & deck pads
· Additional sound  deadening padding on DryPod & Front Hatch
· Under-seat accessory tray has a zippered cover
· Additional accents & graphics throughout
· The Bonafide Limited Editions are $100 more than the standard SS107 or SS127

Interested in a Bonafide Boat? Call Your Local Shop


Much like its namesake, the limited edition Black Widow series of the Bonafide SS127 and SS107 brings together simple colors and natural beauty, while commanding the attention of anyone who stumbles across it!


Electric Lime and Flat Black come together in an explosion of style to create the limited edition FUSION series of the SS127 and SS107 Bonafide kayaks!


Themed after the North American B-25 Bomber, the limited edition BK-25 series of the Bonafide SS127 and SS107 uses understated 1940s US military style to create a commanding presence that is as American as liberty itself!


As relaxing as warm sunshine, clear blue water, and cool drinks under grass huts, the limited edition TIKI series of the Bonafide SS127 and SS107 takes you to remote tropical beaches – no matter where you paddle it!

Update 10/28/19: Custom Fabric and Custom Foam has arrived and final factory assembly is taking place. Orders should be shipping out soon.

Update 9/17/19: Hulls are being molded now and the custom fabric and foam is awaiting arrival in early October. We have been told by Bonafide that only 100 of each model will be individually produced and serialized. All are expected to ship this fall – with half of them as early as 1st week of October and the other half is expected to ship sometime in November. Great Outdoor Provision Co has a small number of these Limited Editions on order in all 4 themes in both SS107 LE and SS127 LE.

If the new Bonafide SS107 Limited Edition or the SS127 Limited Edition is something you know you want, the best way to grab one is to contact your local shop. They can tell you if we have any remaining that are still up for grab. If so, we’ll take down your name and contact info. We are not taking payment at this time because we do not yet have a confirmed ship date and will contact you for payment as we get closer to the actual release date. But we do have on pretty good authority directly from Bonafide that we will likely receive our requested order of Limited Editions.