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Osprey Meridian 60L

Over the past few weeks in this space, our expert staff has reviewed some of our favorite gear for adventurous travelers. We’ve talked about gear that addresses the 3 S’s of travel (Sleep, Security, Style). We’ve talked about gear that helps you avoid the unpleasant surprises of traveling. We’ve talked about underwear.

We thought we’d gone over just about everything. Then we went back through our notes and discovered some glaring omissions. Today we finish our spring 2019 travel gear roundup with these glaring omissions. 

Osprey Meridian

In talking with Ward Swann, globetrotter and paddlesports manager for our Triad stores, he talked about the Osprey Transporter as his go-to bag for traveling light. But what if you aren’t a light traveler, or you’re taking an extended journey? Then the Osprey Meridian is the way to go. For one, it’s roomy (60 liters), it comes with lockable main compartment zippers, it has a detachable daypack for short jaunts, and it has wheels. So when you’re tired of carrying it, just pop out the extend-a-handle and wheels and you’re off. Learn more about the Osprey Meridian here. (A thing we forgot to mention earlier about the Osprey Transporter: Ward says they ball up nicely so that you can take a second one with you if you’re an avid travel shopper.)

Sea to Summit Travelling Light Shirt Folder

travel gear
Sea to Summit Traveling Light Shirt Folder

Part of the appeal of renowned world traveler James Bond is that no matter where he is, no matter how he managed to get there and no matter what tussles he’s just been in, he always looks like he’s just stepped out of the box. You, too, can have that look of perpetually-pressed perfection in your travels with the Sea to Summit Travelling Light Shirt Folder. Use the rigid plastic folding board (illustrated with instructions!) to hold up to a dozen shirts (for the Large, the Small holds up to seven), all tightly folded and compressed in a nylon sleeve. Bond didn’t look stepping out of his wetsuit to reveal a tux beneath. Learn more about the Sea to Summit Traveling Light Shirt Folder here.

Merrell Choprock Sandal

travel gear
Merrell Choprock Sandal

Face it, most of us love sandals, but not all off us have photogenic feet cosmetically geared for that much exposure. We love the airiness of sandals, but the thought of folks getting a peek at our Flintsone feet makes us sandal shy. Enter the new Merrell Choprock Sandal, which grants the nakedness of a sandal but with just enough webbing to mask our bunions and gnarly toenails (you know what we’re talking about, long hikers). Not only are they stylish, but their Vibram® Megagripe® sole makes them great for hiking, especially on hikes with multiple river crossings.   Learn more about the Merrell Choprock Sandall for men here, for women here.

Patagonia Nano Puff® Vest

Patagonia Nano Puff Vest

You may be traveling in summer, says our Ward Swann, but you’d be surprised how many travel destinations cool off considerably at night. “That’s why I like this Patagonia Nano Puff Vest,” says Ward as he scrunches it down to the size of a softball. Takes up no room in your bag, offers impressive warmth when you need it. And it’s good looking, too! Learn more about the Patagonia Nano Puff® Vest for men here, for women here.

Arcade Belts

travel gear
Arcade belt

Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! It’s the dread of air travelers everywhere, the embarrassing alrrt that you have flunked your security exam at airport check-in. You’re asked to step aside, you’re eyed suspiciously, you’re wanded. “I am not an animal!” you’re tempted to wail (but don’t, because you’ll be on every no-fly list from here to Zaire). Rather, suggests Darren Schwartz, manager of our Winston-Salem shop, you vow to rid yourself off that offending metal belt buckle you won at your last 100-mile ultra and instead invest in a travel-friendly (meaning metal free) Arcade belt. Learn more about Arcade belts here.

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