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Merchant Millpond State Park’s Lassiter Trail (photo courtesy N.C. State Parks)

This week’s adventures: At a State Park near you

Our next adventure — paddling Lake Phelps at Pettigrew State Park — isn’t until Saturday, Aug. 8. Until then, an adventure or two at local state parks that you might enjoy …


Owl Prowl, Cliffs of the Neuse State Park, Seven Springs, 8 p.m. Hike the woods at dusk, “searching and listening for the hunters of the night.” More info and to register:  919.778.6234.
Nature Hike on Lassiter Trail, Merchants Millpond State Park, Gatesville, 1 p.m. This hike, on well-shaded trail, “will go through various habitat types observing a variety of vegetation and whatever wildlife is present.” Bug spray and “strong shoes or boots” highly recommended.  More info: 252.357.1191.


Carnivorous Plant Hike, Carolina Beach State Park, Carolina Beach, 10 a.m. Hike with a ranger amid the rare carnivorous plants — sundews bladderworts butterworts pitcher plants and the Venus fly trap — that inhabit the park. More info: 910.458.8206.

Tip of the Week: Proper paddling technique

Photo courtesy B-Movie Graveyard
Photo courtesy B-Movie Graveyard

Paddling a kayak is easy, right?
It is if you pay attention to your technique.
It’s easy to get sloppy behind the paddle, a condition that happens over time. Before long, you’re finding your arms leaden a mile into a 10-mile trip. Which is why it never hurts to take a refresher in proper form and technique. Even a seasoned paddler may remember — or learn — a thing or two.
Take a few minutes to check out this helpful video from Paddle TV.

Resource of the Week: Cool Fun in the Summertime

Think it’s too hot to do much of anything outdoors? We beg to differ. And we aim to change your mind on the topic of summertime adventure, with our Cool Fun in the Summertime series of cool escapes across North Carolina. We’ve identified 20 such escapes, some of which defy the heat with water, some with altitude, some with a quirk of nature that transforms otherwise toasty terrain into a tolerable adventure.
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