by Tim Glover, Charlottesville Manager
Drum on the Fly

The weather report the day before a fishing trip (September 10th) planned with Rob Arends (Greensboro manager) looked promising with winds forecast North 10-15 knots, and partly cloudy skies. My enthusiasm faded the next morning when I launched the boat into the cold reality of 20-25 knot winds under dark skies. By the time I pounded through rough waters up to Topsail to pick up Rob, it was looking like it might be a short fishing trip. After getting blown across a number of flats in the morning, Rob was jolted into action by a solid strike followed by a fast run past the boat. That was the first drum of the day, hooked on a Copperhead, and our enthusiasm was somewhat renewed. After finding nothing in the next spot, we poled into a bay with some low grass at one end beginning to flood under a big high tide. Rob hooked up again, and this time landed a black drum. A short time later, he picked up the last drum of the day… a good day, despite the uncooperative weather!

Black Drum

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