Multibox and L-Brackets

Jackson Kayak


Product Information

Need a secure spot for your gear? Introducing the Jackson Kayak Multibox, a multifunctional tackle, soft plastics and other storage management system, featuring our tool management system on either side of the box. Can be used with or without the lid and features room to store two 3600 or 3700 series-sized Plano boxes and two bungees to keep them secure. Lid releases easily by pressing on one side of the closures with a single finger. With the included L-Brackets, folks who use standard gear track can get in on the action and allow you to orient the Multibox in a high or low position. Length: 18.25″ (interior length: 14.5″) Width: 5.25″ (interior width: 4.25″) Height: 6″ (interior height: 5″)