Join us as we celebrate 35 years of the longest indoor rock-climbing competition in the United States.

Webster’s Rock the Hill, February 10–18, 2024.

Climbers will choose one 2.5-hour time block during the week to compete in ONE of four competitive divisions:

1) Youth 2) Recreation 3) Intermediate,  4) Open

Wonderful prizes and merchandise will be awarded to the top three male, female, and non-binary competitors from four competitive divisions.

We’ll also award prizes and awards for 4 winners of our mini competitions:

1) Speed Climb 2) Hang Time 3) Campus-Only route 4) Crate Stacking. 

We’ll be giving away tons of prizes, adventure trips, and passes, chalk bags, and climbing gear.

T-shirts are also available for purchase when you register online or at the event while supplies last.

Please email Jenna at with any questions.

The final rounds of the competition on February 18 will be streamed LIVE on:

Instagram (@chapelhilladventure) and on
Facebook (@ChapelHillCommunityCenterClimbingWall).

Classic Redpoint Scoring: Climb as many routes as you would like with 3 attempts each and we’ll take your 3 highest scores.

Discipline: Top Rope

U.S.A. Rec Series Info: U.S.A. climbers will compete on Saturday, February 10 ONLY. The overall top 3 from all U.S.A. climbers will be invited back to compete in the finals on February 18, 2024.

Scores will be posted on Facebook @ChapelHillCommunityCenterClimbingWallandAdventure and Instagram @chapelhilladventure by 11:59pm on February 10th, 2024.

You must have a current U.S.A. Climbing Membership to compete in the U.S.A. Rec Series. Visit Memberships – U.S.A. Climbing