“Old School Stone: A Climber Looks Back” is an invitation to step back into the world of rock climbing in the 1960’s and early 70’s right here in NC. What was climbing like before sport climbing was even a “thing”? Before quick draws existed? Before crash pads? Before cams? Before brand names were imprinted boldly on every single piece of gear? Before 20 year olds were blowing out their A4 pulleys at the gym?

Long time Chapel Hill resident John Morris was there for those heady early days and was climbing right here in North Carolina-even as close by as Durham NC! His perspective on adventure, climbing and conservation is enlightening and poignant whether you climb on rocks or not.

This is the first time this documentary is being seen anywhere and it’s right here at GOPC in Chapel Hill.

So put the Red Bull back in that fridge…it’s time for a completely different kind of climbing movie.

Time: 6:30 PM (but people should arrive and be seated by 6:15)

Format: Movie starts at 6:30 sharp! Runs til 7:24 PM

After Showing: Brief Q&A with John Morris (he will be there in person!)