Pool Sessions for the Winter of 2023

Where: Fulton Family YMCA

When: 4:30p-7:00p on the below mentioned Saturdays. Can come at 4:00p to start cleaning boats.

Dates: 1.14, 1.28, 2.11, 2.25, 3.11, 3.25.  MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

Activity: Bring your own (clean) Boat for time to practice skills in warm water with friends. GOPC staff will offer assistance on skills such as rolling but this is not a structured class; it’s better. GOPC also has some Demo Boats that we will make available on a first come first serve basis at the pool. We may not bring every boat each time so you may want to check with Ward at the shop (336-727-0906) the week before to be sure the boat you want will be there. Due to the popularity of this program, we have secured the whole pool again for this year. That’s right, for all you guys who want a running start to do a bow stall you will have the room to do so.

Cost: STILL $10. All proceeds go to sustaining program. An additional option will be to pay in one lump sum $50 for the whole 6 session series. This is for those folks who don’t want to have to fill out a waiver each time and/or less than 18 years old but who don’t want to have to have parents come every time (just to fill out the waiver). Check in will be much easier. You can sign up for this package deal at the store up to the Wednesday before the second session. Along with the fee you will fill out the paperwork once and that’s it; you are DONE for the rest of the pool series! This year The YMCA has required that each participant and instructor wear a helmet and PFD at all times in the pool.

If you have any questions call the Winston at 336-727-0906
Practice your roll, the good, the bad, and the ugly parts.
(no longer at gateway Y)