Our ‘Fly Tying 201” classes are a progression of techniques and education up to the next level over our popular fly tying intro series.

For the second installment of our ‘‘Fly Tying 201’ series of classes, we have our ‘Technical Trout’ course. This will take us into the next level of tying smaller flies for trout , working with more complex steps, and materials such as CDC. Our 201 level classes are geared towards building off the fundamental skills many have learned by tying with us over the past year. This class will attempt to cover 4 patterns in the timeframe, size 16 and smaller.

There are prerequisites to this class! These classes are right for you if:

  • You have been tying flies and feel comfortable with overall techniques and/or
  • You are proficient with tying techniques highlighted in 101 classes:
  • Whip finish
  • dubbing/thread control
  • Working with multiple materials for a single fly
  • Moving at a faster pace than our introductory classes (2-3 flies in 2.5 hours.)
  • You have your own vise (rotary strongly recommended) and tools


What you get from this next level of fly tying class:

  • A more comprehensive dive into choices of materials and fly building (articulation, weed guards, etc) in regards to the species they may be used to target
  • BBQ + sides from Big Mike’s BBQ (Cary, NC)
  • A bundle of materials to take home to continue tying the patterns we cover in the class (typically enough for 2-3 of our smaller flies per pattern).