We’re excited to announce the launch of our ‘Fly Tying 201” classes as a progression of techniques and education up to the next level over our popular fly tying intro series.  We’ll be offering these periodically throughout the year, starting with our kickoff this June.

There are pre-requisites for this class!

This type of class is right for you if:

-You have been tying flies for more than a year on your own and have a good understanding of tools, core techniques, etc.
-You have attended our ‘Tying with Trusty’ intro classes and are proficient with the following:
-Whip finish
-Dubbing/thread control
-Working with multiple materials at once
-Moving at a faster pace of tying  over our 1 fly/hr in the intro class
-You have your own vise (rotary strongly recommended) and core tools (bobbin, whip finisher, scissors, bodkin, etc)
What you will get from the 201 class experience:

A more comprehensive dive into choice of materials and fly building (articulation, weed guards, dubbing loops, etc) and tuning them to the species you may be targeting
Pizza and/or snacks  on hand in addition to the usual beverages
A take home bundle of materials so you can continue to work on these intermediate fly designs at home (1-2 fly’s worth for large flies, 2-3 fly’s worth for smaller flies)

If you have specific questions, please contact Peyton Hale at gopc401@greatoutdoorprovision.com or call the Raleigh Shop during store hours: 919-833-1741