An all-day drinking buddy that’s built for the wild, the new rambler lowball is over-engineered for the simplest of uses.  Check out a few of our staff favorites.


1. Coffee



That first cup.  It’s crucial.  Without it the trail’s tougher, cruxes are unconquerable, and hooks just won’t set.  The lowball will keep the heat in your cup o’ joe and the optional lid is great when you’re on the go.  Do you have the Rambler 20oz already?  It’s lid fits the lowball too!

2. Breakfast 

Two words: Grits & oatmeal.  Both high octane primers for full-day excursions and both fit exceptionally well in the lowball.  Breakfast on the boat or beach anyone?  Let’s get this day moving.

Speaking of which…

3.  Spirits

The family’s in town, Santa is watching… One  cup o’ cheer coming right up!  It won’t slip, it won’t shatter and it won’t leave a ring around your mother in-law’s antique coffee table.  Score one for the home team.




4. Ice Cream

Two scoops, your choice.  Peppermint chip?  Egg nog? We wouldn’t recommend mixing and matching these two but it’s your lowball, your rules.  Whatever your flavor each bite will remain as frozen as the last.


5. Hot Cocoa 


Who knew Tim Allen was sporting a prototype in the Santa Clause 2?  After in-tents field testing we’ve confirmed that Yeti has created the Cadillac of cocoa containers for one of Trusty’s all-time favorite holiday treats.  One which always tastes best around a campfire under the stars.


See the lowball and our complete YETI collection.