Yakima rod boxes
The new Yakima DoubleHaul protects rod and reel alike.

Sometimes in fishing, time is of the essence. Precious seconds count.

Pardon? Did you say “seconds count” — in fishing?

Absolutely, says Michael Grant, a longtime fisherman who’s been active a long time (since the mid-1990s) in the fishing department of our store in Raleigh’s Cameron Village.

“Say you’re pulling up to a spot on the river and the light is just right — but it won’t be for much longer,” says Michael. “It could take you five minutes to get your rod out, piece it together, put on the reel and be in the water. By then, it might be too late.” Unless … .

Unless you have the new Yakima DoubleHaul rooftop fishing rod box. In that case, you’re out of the Expedition and down to the creek, rod and reel in hand, before the engine sputters to a halt.

The DoubleHaul carries up to four set-up fly rods up to 10 feet long (the box itself can be configured at 6 feet or 11 feet in length). The top two reel slots fit most 12-weight reels, the bottom slots fit most 10-weight reels. (You could also hold up to two spey rods in the upper slots.) Each rod slips into its own plastic-lined aluminum tube, and the reel box holds common fighting butts of single-handed rods. 

Yakima also has a new rack that accommodates the angler who likes to cast about for a wider array of fish. 

Yakima rod boxes
The Yakima TopWater protects up to 8 of your favorite rods.

The TopWater rod carrier is an 8 1/2-foot long, foot-and-a-half wide Carbonite®-textured box that holds up to 8 fully assembled rods up to 8 feet in length. The rods wedge gently but securely into foam pads that keep your pole from bouncing around on even the most primitive gravel forest service roads. Drain holes keep water from collecting as you leave one spot, hop in the SUV and sprint to the next, and built-in rod shields provide extra protection for the tips of your rods. A secure seal protects your rods from road dust and rain, and you can even slip in a low-profile tackle box.

Michael says the 8-rod capacity is especially nice in North Carolina and Virginia. 

“We’re lucky to have three different zones,” he says. “We’ve got the Piedmont, with largemouth bass and a range of other fish, we’ve got the mountains with their trout waters, and you’ve got the coastal area, which is almost a whole different sport.” With room for 8 rods, you’re ready for whatever fishing challenge geography brings your way.

Already have Yakima mounts and racks to haul your fishing kayak and other gear? Perfect, says Michael, the TopWater and DoubleHaul will mount in minutes. And Yakima’s Single Key System means its easy to get all your locks — for the roof mounts, your rod box and your other Yakima mounts — on the same page.

No problem if you don’t have mounts. We’ll not only spec out your vehicle, we’ll put the racks on for you. 

“We’ve had these rod boxes less than two weeks,” says Michael, “and already they’re proving very popular.”

* * * 

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