First, there’s the fact that this stretch of the Yadkin it’s always runnable — can’t beat reliability in a playmate. And not only can you always depend on Section 13 to be there for you, Section 13 is fun as well. Here’s what the paddle experts at our Winston-Salem store have to say:

“This is a 3-hour paddle that bounces down through mostly Class I-II+ water. It’s a fun way to hone skills, boost confidence and teach eddies and surf. Catch it when it’s up and you can have a pretty good time.”
Plus, it runs down the corridor for the Yadkin section of Pilot Mountain State Park, so it’s guaranteed scenic as well. Fun, dependable, good looking — paddle it once and you’ll want to marry this stretch of the Yadkin.

For a complete description of this stretch, including hazards, consult “Paddling Eastern North Carolina” (see below).

More info, including maps and access: “Paddling Eastern North Carolina,” Paul Ferguson (2007, Pocosin Press).

Getting there from downtown Winston-Salem

Photo: N.C. Division of Parks & Recreation
Rating: Class I-II
Length: 6.8 miles
Drive: 40 minutes from downtown
Put-in: Shoals access at Shoals Road
Latitude: 36.1536
Longitude: 80.3023
Take-out: Donnaha access at NC 67
Latitude: 36.1314
Longitude: 80.2606
Time to complete: 3 hours
Gauge: USGS Yadkin River at Enon
Minimum flow: always above minimum
City: Pilot Mountain State Park
State: NC