Popping bugs are one of the few patterns that fly anglers across the country have come to rely on for nearly every type of fishing situation. Whether you’re fishing for largemouth bass in a local farm pond, chasing smallmouth or trout in your favorite river, or just happen to be lucky enough to catch breaking saltwater fish, poppers can often mean the difference between success and failure on the water. Good quality poppers are hard to come by—which is why Walt’s Poppers stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Walt Cary has been making popping bugs the same way for nearly 50 years. His poppers are renowned for their unique hackles and meticulously prepared cork bodies. Each cork popper body is selected by hand and then carefully inspected for cracks, which are filled in and then sanded to a smooth finish. This begins a ten-step painting and finishing process that produces the finest, and most durable, popping bugs in the world. Sure, Walt could have made his poppers cheaper and faster over the years, but that’s not his style.

In January 2006, Walt agreed to become part of Brookside Flies, and joined our staff in order to supervise the production of his poppers. Walt has provided Brookside’s tyers with exhaustive instructions in crafting these miniature works of art, and the results are poppers that will satisfy any angler (and most importantly, Walt himself!). Walt maintains the same high standards he always has in overseeing the quality of the popping bugs we produce. Now Brookside crafts the poppers while Walt gets to do what he loves best: share his love of fly tying with a whole new generation of future anglers at local shows and festivals.

Walt’s Poppers come in a variety of colors and range in size from #2 to #12, and are now available at your local Great Outdoor Provision Co.!