TNF gloves

You’ve got to keep your hands warm and if there’s no power to run the dryer you may want something waterproof… May we present GoreTex: it’s ‘Gear Speakanese’ for waterproof.  We’ve got a great selection of Gore products in the shop, gloves included.  Or opt for the The North Face Powder Stretch (pictured) gloves to keep your fingers warm, and your presence in the InstaGame.

#9 – POWER

No electricity? No problem.  The Brunton Hydrogen Reactor combines hydrogen and oxygen in order to produce portable energy under any conditions.  Run your UV water purifier, fire up that GPS tracker, simply lock the Hydrogen Core fuel into the reactor to power countless USB devices.



Don’t let the weather affect your spirits… Keep them cold, keep them hot, keep them longer with our stylish Hydroflask collection.  We’ve got several size, color, and lid-options to fit your fancy.

#7 – SOCKS


Due to their unique surface area and specialized blood vessels, your feet play a vital role in regulating body heat.  We recommend regulating yours with Farm to Feet and Smartwool Socks.


Black Diamond Spot Headlamp
You’re going to need to find your way to the kitchen and other places like well… the kitchen.  Illuminate your path with lighting gear from Black Diamond like The Apollo Lantern (Pictured) and headlamps for hands-free scenarios, in the kitchen.


Given the incredibly few opportunities we have to slip, fall, and break a bone on the ice down here in the south, it’d be a major bummer for it to happen.
1) Grab yourself some Yak Trax
2) Attach them to the bottom of your shoes
3) Walk with the confidence that your tailbone is safe.


#6 is a strongly-encouraged prerequisite for this ice day essential especially when your Kindle dies (See #9).  But if you’re looking for a venturesome read reach for titles such as Adventure Carolinas and Backpacking North Carolina, authored by our fearless GetHiking! maestro, Joe Miller.

#3 – STOVE

MSR PocketRocket 2 Stove

Hot water = Hot Coffee.  ‘Nuff said.


Ever wonder about the “magic dust” inside these things that you simply couldn’t put down as a kid?  Turns out its: Iron powder, water, salt, activated charoal, and something called vermiculite.  Please don’t eat it.  Trusty’s got hand warmers, feet warmers, toe warmers, let’s just say we’re well stocked on vermiculite.  Come getcha some.

#1 – A YETI

7 days.  We sincerely hope that no one’s power remains out for 7 days but IF we cross that bridge, this bad boy is the best option for your perishables.  We carry Tundras, Roadies, Hoppers, and tons of great accessories so come check them out for yourself before its too late!