trusty cartoon at the peak of a mountain

In the eyes of Trusty, essentials are all about safety. No one ever plans on getting lost or temporarily displaced. Part of being safe in the outdoors comes with knowing that these things can happen. Just in case you make a wrong turn and the starting point is temporarily unforeseeable, carry the Ten Essentials with you to allow you get through the adventure comfortably. Take the Ten Essentials whenever and wherever you go, whether you go on an afternoon jaunt or a week-long trip.

Ten Essentials
  • Navigation: Compass, Map, Whistle, and Mirror
    • Shop in-store for a TrueArc compass, National Geographic & Pisgah Map Co. Maps, and whistle needs.
  • Sun Protection: Sunglasses and Sunscreen
  • Insulation: Clothing and Sleeping Pad
  • Illumination: Headlamp, Lantern
    • A variety of illumination gear is offered online and in-store from brands like Biolite and Black Diamond.
  • First-Aid Supplies
    • Our shops are stocked in-store with med kits that are essential for any adventure.
  • Fire: Fire-starter, Matches, Lighter
    • Our variety of fire-starters, strikers, matches, and torch lighters are all found in-store.
  • Repair Kit & Tools: Multi-tool and Gear Patches
    • Multi-tools from Leatherman and Victorinox are available in-store.
    • NoSo gear patches are a fun fix for small holes and easy repairs, all found in-store. A selection of Gear Aid tenacious tape is also at your fingertips when you shop in-store.
  • Nutrition: Extra Food
    • In addition to our selection of meals from Patagonia, Mountain House, and Good-to-Go meals, snacks from Pro Bar, Honey Stinger, and KIND bars can also fuel you.
  • Hydration: Extra Water & Filtration
    • Both online and in-store is a large selection of water bottles from your favorite brands.
    • Water filtration systems like iodine tablets and Sawyer filters are in-store.
  • Emergency Shelter
    • Emergency shelter will keep you out of harsh elements and also be tear-resistent.