Our tagline, “Explore Global. Shop Local.” is a code of behavior to which we hold our buying team. And when the best in outdoor clothing and equipment is found outside the United States we want to make certain that global suppliers and manufacturers meet and share our social, environmental and ethical standards.

The entire staff at Great Outdoor Provision Co. takes a special interest in knowing that the products we sell meet the same standard of excellence that we try to live by. We strive to not only offer great outdoor gear but provide our customers with the confidence that all our brands are 100% committed to the most important of rights of workers which is their safety.

In April 2013, there was a tragic collapse in a production facility in Bangladesh where 1,134 people lost their lives. While none of the products we retail were produced in that factory, the tragedy demonstrates the need to ensure safe working conditions for garment workers throughout the country. As a retailer, Great Outdoor Provision Co. is leading the effort, among independent specialty outdoor shops, to ensure that safe working conditions are in place for the garment workers who produce for our industry. We receive weekly updates from The North Face with regard to their work with The Alliance in Bangladesh. If you have further questions regarding this issue don’t hesitate to contact us at info@greatoutdoorprovision.com

Below is a link to our open letter to The North Face which emphasizes our position and pushes for continued efforts on behalf of VF Corporation to improve worker safety.