Good things come in small packages. 

And in socks.

Some of the best stuff of Christmas morning is the stuff that gets stuffed into a stocking. Stuff such as:

Princeton Tec Keychain Light. Everyone can use a keychain light. For backpackers and hikers this teensy torch makes for a great, lightweight backup light: ever have your headlamp die and had to fumble around in the dark to replace the battery? The Princeton Tec Keychain Light’s 10 lumens is the difference between a quick swap and, possibly, no replacement at all. And why fumble around trying to find your vintage vehicle’s car door lock in the dark when this next-door-neighbor on your keychain can light the way? $6.99.

Larry Lights. Worried that the petite Princeton will get lost in your purse (and that you’ll need a light to find it)? Nebo’s Larry Lights has a little more heft (easy to find grasping through your purse) and a lot more light: 170 lumens. Now we’re talking shinning for house addresses while searching for the office holiday party. $9.95

stocking stuffers
Patagonia’s Savory Seeds

Patagonia Savory Seeds. Who doesn’t like getting food? And while chocolate in your stocking is second only to chocolate in your Easter basket, you can OD on chocolate — you really can! Patagonia’s Savory Seeds offer a most unique option. Part of the legendary outfitter’s new Provisions line, Savory Seeds — which come in Chipotle Lime,  Mellow Curry and Classic Barbecue — make for the ideal trail snack: they’re a good source of plant-based protein (5-6 grams), pack 130 calories per serving, and are darn tasty. They would make for the ideal trail snack except that curiosity will prompt an immediate tasting, a tasting that won’t end until all that’s left is a crumpled package. $2.75 per packet.

Kupilka Cutlery Set. Come dinner time on a backpack trip no one pays much attention to eating utensils because everyone uses a spork, and if you’ve seen one plastic spork, you’ve seen ‘em all. But fancy the looks coming your way when you pull the four-piece Kupilka Cutlery Set from your cook bag. Made of eco-friendly Kareline, a natural fibre composite, the utensils are lightweight (1.98 ounces for the set, less if you can do without a soup spoon) and and sturdy. And because of their earthy look, they hide dirt well. Class-up your camp kitchen. $10.95.

stocking stuffers
Kupilka cutlery

Heroclip. Have you ever been at he check-out stand and seen something you didn’t entirely understand but knew you had to have? If you’ve been to our check-out lately, then you probably already have a Hero Clip. It’s a carabiner, but it’s a carabiner connected to a hook on a swivel. You draw a blank mulling its purpose, then your mind starts spinning with possibilities: you could hang if over a branch in camp and hook in your pack, you could hook it over the back of your chair in a restaurant and clip in your purse (keeping it off the floor), you could hang if from a loop inside your tent and hang a light (and position it for optimum effect). So many options. $19.95.

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SockSmith Socks. Socks inside a sock? Sounds like the stuff of Alfred Packer. In fact, these socks in your stocking are the opposite of desperation dieting. These aren’t performance socks — unless you do standup in your stocking feet. But these fun socks convey a variety of mirthful messages, all of which will bring a smile. At $10 a pair, it’s what we like to call good, cheap fun! 

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Freakers for your can or bottle

Freakers. Maybe the one-size-fits-all tube sock wasn’t a great idea. But a one-size-fits-all beverage cozy? American innovation doesn’t get much better than this — and not just American innovation, North Carolina innovation — Freakers were born in Wilmington in 2011! Launched in a box truck, the festive beverage insulators went big time in 2015 with a Kickstarter campaign that raised $255,264 thanks to the vision of 4,948 backers. Now, with complete disregard of can or bottle type, you can keep your beverage a little colder or a little warmer, and do it in style with designs ranging from a T-Rex riding a bike (“Lance Tiny Arms Strong”) to a Rastafarian frog (“Don’t Worry, Be Hoppy”). Fun on a bottle, for just $10.

Learn more about these stocking stuffers and check out more options on our website, here.