John Flowers

No exotic tales here of trips far away places with life hanging by a thread, just a tale of the drive to work on the 19th, the day of the snow.

Peaking out, upon waking up, revealed a fresh, undisturbed blanket of snow in my yard, my driveway, and the road in front of my house. Snow was still falling at 7:30 AM so that added to the charm of the morning whiteness. We don’t get a lot of snow around here, so you tend to marvel at the beauty of snow regardless of the amount which is, usually, for us, not much, compared to more northern locales.

After taking a few photos out the window, I breakfasted, dressed, and went out to the car. A broom was all it took to clear the fresh powder from the windows to afford decent vision. I cranked the little white Scion and we ventured out to the white road where no lines where visable. After checking to see that the Trac-on was engaged, I headed east to Greensboro.

Highway 70 is the main route to Greensboro from Gibsonville, however, Highway 61 and McLeansville Road are much nicer drive with little or no traffic, a rural, scenic drive which avoids the hassles of the more traveled Highway 70.  The drive was the same “snow” drive I’ve always done over the years with no surprises, however, this time, I was able to get a picture, as I drove (carefully) with my cell phone camera. The photo tells the intrigue, the joy, and the potential bit of apprehension one has when driving on something slippery, white, cold, and with no lines.

There is something about being one of the first to drive down a road in the snow that never fails to fascinate me. After a few minutes, I found the safe cruising speed, and had a nice drive on into cleared roads in Greensboro with all the slush and salt. The drive took all of 5 minutes extra compared to a normal drive but I always love to remember those drives on fresh snow.