GOPC Greenville employees Brad (Baldo) and Corey Welcome Customers on an Icy Saturday 1/30/10

Greenville received a nasty winter mix last night, and there are a couple of inches of snow and ice on the ground today as the snow continues to fall. Travel is somewhat hazardous, but responsible drivers seem to be doing okay on city roadways.

Because we’re a provider of emergency supplies like flashlights, stoves, and cold weather gear, we feel an obligation to our customers to remain open even in inclement winter weather, but we’re certainly not willing to sacrifice the personal safety of our employees to do so. We opened at 10am today, but it’s likely that we’ll be closing early if conditions warrant.

We hope you’re all coping with this winter weather well. Be safe!

Chad Pickens
Greenville Shop Manager*

*Chad now manages our Chapel Hill shop at Eastgate Shopping Center