When preparing for a big trip, especially overseas, it’s important to remember the three S’s: Sleep, Security, Style.


Bad things can happen when you don’t get enough sleep on a trip. For starters, you’re crabby, and who wants to take their crabby self on vacation? A sleepy person also doesn’t have the energy to complete all the stops on the travel itinerary. When you’re short on sleep, you’re more susceptible to getting sick, which is especially unpleasant when you’re on the road. Let’s make sure you’re properly equipped to sleep, be it a quick cat nap or a longer slumber crossing the pond.

Eagle Creek Exhale Neck Pillow. You’re on the plane, you’ve settled into your seat. Then the pilot comes on with the grim news that your flight to Paris will be 8 hours and 36 minutes. You can only thumb through SkyMall so long, you can only watch the in-flight movie (“Kindergarten Cop 2”) so long. This is the perfect opportunity to catch up on some sleep. Do you wad up your coat and stick it behind your head? Do you accept the who-knows-what’s-been-on-that-pillow from the flight attendant? Neither, because you had the foresight to make sure your travel gear includes the Eagle Creek Exhale Neck Pillow. This soft, all-in-one pillow inflates in a couple breaths, offering the perfect balance of comfort and convenience for your mid-flight nap. Suddenly, 8 hours and 36 minutes doesn’t seem quite long enough.

Sea to Summit Travel Eye Shades. You’re on a long flight, and all you want to do is block out the world and sleep. While your head and neck are comfy, thanks to your Eagle Creek Exhale Neck Pillow (see above), you can’t quite blot out the light and sound around you. Sure, it was nice of the airline to give you that thin paper eye mask, but light is seeping in around the edges, around your nose … . What you need, says Jaala, is the Travel Eye Shades from Sea to Summit. The adjustable strap and microfiber lining make these eye shades gentle enough for a long trip. The easy-care fabric is machine washable, making it even easier to keep your eye mask fresh for each use.


Back in the day, our main travel gear concern was having our traveler’s checks pinched. Today, we find ourselves worrying more about our very identity being pilfered. However, by taking the proper precautions, we can protect ourselves and travel with extra peace of mind.

Groove Life Leather Wallet. My, how wallets have evolved! For one, we now keep pictures of our loved ones on our phone, not in a polypro accordion that folds out the length of our arm. Bulging bills? Who carries cash? Business cards (phone), insurance cards (phone), receipts (we get ‘em emailed) — these one-time wallet residents have long since moved out. Which means the only thing we really need to worry about are our credit and debit cards, a driver’s license, maybe an insurance card or two, all of which fit quite nicely in the Groove Life Leather Wallet. It’s not much bigger than a credit card, of which it holds 6 flat cards and a little mad money. “It’s also RFID protected,” says Jaala. This means that your cards inside the wallet can’t be scanned by some nefarious ne’er-do-well out to steal your ID. For easy access, just push a small lever and your cards peek out the top for quick selection. When it comes to travel gear, this is James Bond cool. Learn more here.

Groove Life Wallet with Money Clip. Prefer a slimmer alternative to the Groove Life Leather Wallet? Look no further. The Groove Life Wallet with Money Clip holds up to 6 cards, is RFID-blocking, and is thin enough to slip right into your front pocket. The clip is a simple, yet secure, way to hold onto extra cash, which comes in handy when making small, frequent purchases on long travel days. Learn more here. 



Frankly, everything in your travel gear arsenal should reflect your style. Some pieces just do it better than others.

Vuori Women’s Performance Jogger. These best selling joggers, made with premium DreamKnit™ 4-Way stretch fabric, are sure to become your go-to travel pants. The slim fit, adjustable drawstring waist, and spacious side pockets are both versatile and stylish. With over 6 color options to choose from, you are sure to find your perfect pair. Learn more here. 

Vuori Men’s Strato Tech Tee. This performance tee is the perfect choice for busy travel days and active workouts alike, making it our favorite top for versatility. The modern, athletic fit is an elevated classic, making it easy to dress up or down. Your seat neighbor in the car or on your flight will be thankful you picked a shirt with anti-odor control and moisture wicking features! Learn more here. 

Vuori Women’s Daydream Crew. Looking for an ultra lightweight long-sleeve tee that is versatile, stylish, and breathable? Look no further. The Vuori Daydream Crew is the perfect layering piece that skims around hip height, offering a modern fit for everyday wear. Thanks to the 4-way stretch, moisture wicking, and anti-odor properties, you’ll look and feel fresh all day long! Learn more here.

Sherpani bags and totes. You don’t need to be a traveler to fall in love with a Sherpani bag. Take the Camden Convertible Backpack, for example.  The adjustable  design allows you to use it as a backpack, tote, or crossbody, meaning you can change the fit of the straps based on your functional and fashion needs. The Camden Convertible Backpack is made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic, has a water-resistant exterior, and protects your credit card and passport through RFID blocking. With 8 pockets and a padded laptop sleeve, this bag can hold all your essentials for a busy day of travel!

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