Upon first meeting Drew Harding I knew this mountain of a man’s heart was proportionate to his size. Growing up in a rural village of Ethiopia, Drew was raised with an understanding of compassion and service. His missionary father was the water engineer for a rural community called Yirga Chefe, about 8 hours south of the capital city of Addis Ababa. I had learned much from Majka Burhardt last September when she presented “Vertial Ethiopia” so I was intrigued to hear Drew’s efforts to provide clean water to the developing world.

This conversation led to support from Osprey packs who donated a Waypoint 90 to Drew who has been traveled around the world with the pack. Check out the images here and learn more about Senai Global at senaiglobal.org.

Drew’s Testimonial: I have been on a quite a few trips with the Osprey Waypoint 90 and I LOVE IT! Seriously, it is the best pack on earth to travel with. I can pack for 2 weeks in it and still bring it on as carry-on! I have been to the Dominican Republic, Oregon, Burundi, and Kenya with it so far. Next week I head over to Ethiopia for some projects. You guys have helped me out so much with this pack, seriously, it has been fantastic.