The Pebble Partnership, comprised of the worlds second largest multinational mining corporation, Anglo American, in partnership with mining junior Northern Dynasty, wants to create one of North America’s largest open-pit gold-copper mega mines within a much larger potential mining district in the headwaters of Bristol Bay. The Pebble Mine complex, covering some 15 square miles, would include the largest dam in the world, larger than Three Gorges Dam in China, made of earth not concrete, to hold back the toxic waste created in the mining process. Over its lifetime, Pebble will produce 2.5 BILLION TONS of waste.


The Pebble Mine site lies on state land in the heart of WORLD CLASS TROUT and SALMON STREAMS, a land veined with brooks and rivulets, riddled with pools and puddles. In addition, Bristol Bay is home to the WORLD’S LARGEST commercial wild salmon fishery; many of those fish spawn in the Kvichak and other tributaries in the Iliamna Lake area.

While Pebble directly threatens the health of our Bristol Bay fisheries, equally disturbing is the Federal Bureau of Land Management and Department of the Interior’s proposed land management plan which recommends opening over a million acres of pristine federal wild lands in Bristol Bay to hard rock mining, a dangerous move for fish and people living in the region. Not only would the planned “Bristol Bay Mining District” mar the region’s remarkably wild and beautiful landscape, but it risks grave consequences for the health of all living things downstream.

The harvest and processing of Bristol Bay fish generates nearly $320 million a year and provides jobs for some 12,500 people. Sport fishermen spend nearly $60 million a year to experience the prize fishing in this area.

Year after year, Bristol Bay produces MILLIONS OF FISH worth hundreds of millions of dollars, like no other place in the world.

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