Valentine's Day
Demonstrate your love with our fleet of love boats

It’s every guy’s fear: being accused of not being “creative enough” on Valentine’s Day. Chocolates in a heart-shaped box? Roses? And heaven forbid you should be seen in line at the grocery store at 5 p.m. on the 14th (that’s February 14th, which is Valentine’s Day) buying those roses.

This year, shed the curse of lame Valentine’s Days past by giving her — giving both of you — the gift of adventure. And do we ever have some adventures for you.

As the two of you merge into one …

For instance, what’s the most romantic book-made-into-movie ever? “A River Runs Through It,” right? A young man and his relationships with his brother, his father … fish. “Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.” … Sorry, we get a little verklempt every time we hear Norman Maclean’s words.

Why not inject a little of Norman’s fly fishing romance into your lives by enrolling the two of you in one of our upcoming Fly Fishing classes. You’ll start going over the basics: you’ll learn the gear, how to cast, how to tie knots, what the different flies do. Then, you’ll get a chance to put your newfound knowledge and skills to the test on a small pond. All equipment, as well as lunch and drinks, are provided. With this class you’ll set the solid foundation for a life of fly fishing together.

Classes: Triangle area, May 3; Virginia Beach, May 9; Charlotte, May 23; Winston-Salem, April 25. Learn more and sign up here.

Demo our ‘love boats’

Sticking to the water theme, think of all the romance that travel-by-ship has inspired: “The African Queen,” with Bogey and Katharine Hepburn; “Titanic” (though with a happier ending); “The Love Boat.” Of course, not all shipboard romances have to start on an ocean liner. Yours could start in a more intimate craft, a canoe or kayak, say. Now, while we have no doubt that paddling is great for a relationship, the tricky part is figuring out whether you’ll each be happier paddling your own craft, or whether you’ve got what it takes to paddle together.

In the spirit of relationship bliss, we have the perfect event for finding out what works best for you: our Boat Demo Days.

Here’s how they work: We bring a good cross-section of our boats to a local lake; in fact, if there’s a boat you’re especially interested in, let us know and we’ll try to bring it. There, you and your sweetie can test paddle to your hearts’ content. Take out a canoe or tandem kayak, see how that goes. Then each of you paddle your own craft. Maybe you’re a tandem couple, maybe you aren’t: it’s all an adventure.

We hold boat demos beginning in April and running into June. Keep an eye on our calendar page for the ones nearest you.

Flipping for each other

Trust. It’s the key to any relationship. And nothing says trust more than being there when that special someone’s boat flips and you’re there, after a reasonable amount of time, to bail him out. We’re talking, of course, about our Kayak Pool Sessions, where paddlers can work on their roll technique. You flip, on purpose, you work on your roll. If you can’t quite right yourself, your special someone is there to nose her bow to your cockpit for an assisted rescue. Now that’s love.

Sessions in Winston-Salem on Feb. 15 and 29, and March 14. Learn more here.

Love and the wooly bugger

Now, maybe it’s been suggested that the two of you do a craft together. Scrapbooking didn’t quite do it for you, bedazzling didn’t, either.

What about fly tying! 

Imagine evenings spent together around the kitchen table, sharing fur, hackle feathers, chenille, braid and tinsel, as you tie flies and discuss your respective days: “That wasn’t nice of your boss.” “I would have told him to get it himself, too.” “Hand me that foam popper, would ya?” Evenings together, communicating over construction of a wooly bugger. That’s what it’s all about.

And that’s just what you’ll be able to do after sitting in on one of our fly-tying classes in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, or Virginia Beach. You’ll find info on all the classes here.

Say ILY with WFA

Emotionally, you’ve probably already told each other that you’ve saved each other’s lives. But what about physically? Would you be able to do that should the situation arise on a backcountry adventure?

You would if you’ve taken the MEDIC Solo Wilderness First Aid Class we sponsor. This is the go-to class for dealing with any number of medical emergencies, stabilizing the injury, and getting the patient substantive care. It’s a two-day class — lots of “you time” together — and you’ll emerge confident in your ability to act in an emergency.

Upcoming classes include March 7 in Charlottesville and April 18 in the Triangle. Find more classes, learn more about Wilderness First Aid, and sign up here.

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