The forecast of record rainfall usually puts a damper on the typical outdoor gathering. But nothing “typical” about this event.  In fact, 4.5 inches of rain simply gave our staff the excuse to bring out more gear to Wm. B. Umstead State Park.  And the “go-to” gear of choice was Patagonia.  The picture above captures the spirit of the night in addition to a closet-full of vintage Patagonia.  WornWear would be proud!   Special thanks to Chair 8 Media who risked life and lens to help make this possible.  We’d also like to thank our friends at Umstead for the use of Maple Hill Lodge which handled the record rainfall in stellar fashion. The ambiance of the cabin under lantern light is truly marvelous. If you’re looking for a cool place to gather with friends contact the folks at Umstead about rental of the Lodge.

Finally- thanks to Patagonia for building great clothing and equipment with integrity – from start to finish. And, as seen from the classic styles that we continue to cherish over the years, the finish line is really way out there! Go to Flickr to check out the Fall 2014 products which we enjoyed in the rain and now have warm and dry in our local shops.