Last week we established that the weather in November remains ideal for a range of outdoor adventures: with an average daytime high of 62.4, skies that rarely drop rain (November is the second driest month of the year), and abundant sunshine (North Carolina averages 18 days of sunshine or partial sunshine in November), it’s hard to find fault. In fact, why even come inside?

Why not go camping?

One reason to camp: no one else is. Reservations? Ha! Drive right up and pick a spot.

Now, despite these prime conditions, keep in mind that some campgrounds do close, or partially close, for the season. Thus, while reservations may not be necessary, it’s a good idea to check ahead before packing up the Roadmaster. We’ll save you a bit of legwork by telling you about 10 of our favorite campgrounds that remain open in November (and beyond).

1.Falls Lake State Recreation Area

Where: Triangle

Campground open: Rolling View (loops A, B and C open through November, Loop A open year-round).

No. of campsites: 80 total, not all open year-round

Stuff to do: Mountains-to-Sea Trail runs through the campground offering long hike opportunities. Water access for canoes and kayaks.

More info here.

2. Jordan Lake State Recreation Area

Where: Triangle

Campground open: call (see below)

No. of campsites: call (see below)

Stuff to do: Hiking at New Hope Overlook, good paddling opportunities on the lake’s smaller fingers.

More info here.

3. Lake Norman State Park

Where: Charlotte

Campground open: Family Campground

No. of campsites: 33

Stuff to do: Extensive hiking and mountain biking trail networks

More info here.

4. Carolina Beach State Park

Where: Wilmington area

Campground open: Carolina Beach Campground

No. of campsites: 81

Stuff to do: Five miles of hiking trail, access via a short drive to the beach.

More info here.

5. Hanging Rock State Park

Where: Danbury (north of the Triad)

Campground open: Family campground

No. of campsites: 73

Stuff to do: 18 miles of hiking trail, 8.4 miles of mountain bike trail, rock climbing, paddling on the Dan River.

6. Davidson River

Where: Pisgah National Forest, Brevard

No. of campsites: 160 (not all open year-round).

Stuff to do nearby: hiking, mountain biking, fishing, fly fishing

More info here.

7. Fires Creek Recreation Area

Where: Nantahala National Forest, Off US 64, between NC 175 and SR 1344 near Hayesville, N.C.

No. of campsites: 9

Stuff to do nearby: hiking, fishing

More info here.

8. New River State Park

Where: Laurel Springs, N.C.

No. of campsites: 45

Stuff to do nearby: paddling

More info here.

9. North Mills River

Where: Pisgah National Forest, Mills River

No. of campsites: 31

Stuff to do nearby: hiking, mountain biking, fishing.

More info here.

10. South Mountains State Park

Where: Connelly Springs, N.C.

No. of campsites: 13

Stuff to do nearby: hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, fishing

More info here.