We’re thrilled to be carrying Nocs Provisions at Great Outdoor Provision Co. Crystal-clear optics in a compact, rugged housing with a price that won’t break the bank. Fogproof. Powerful and compact binoculars made for adventure.

Styles and colors vary by store.

Nocs Provisions Standard Issue Waterproof Binocular:
Available in 8×25 AND 10×25

Top shelf optics in a compact, rugged housing. Designed from the ground up as the perfect travel binocular, able to keep up with any adventure. Bright colors so you won’t misplace them – or look like a spy.

The Standard Issue 8×25 and 10×25 redefines compact binoculars – by packing Swiss optical engineering in your palm. Using the highest grade optics we could source: authentic Bak4 Prisms and Fully Multi Coated lenses, this binocular provides a bright, wide field of view, wherever you go.

Nocs Provisions Zoom Tube 8×32

Ultra compact optical tool ready for any journey. Fully multi coated optics and a wide field of view bring nature closer, and the rugged, water resistant housing keeps the elements at bay. Weighing in at a svelte 9.5 oz (270g), the Zoom Tube is light and packable for any adventure. Slides into a pocket, purse, or pack with ease. The ribbed housing absorbs impact and provides grip.

Nocs Provisions Photo Rig Smartphone Adapter for Binoculars

Get the perfect alignment locked in place. The Photo Rig allows for the perfect alignment to stay in position, for photo and video through the Nocs. An aluminum frame with a spring loaded phone clamp and stainless steel hardware mean this photo rig is designed to get out there and be used in the field.

Nocs Provisions Inspector Microscope 4x Multiplier Lens

See beyond what meets the eye. Turn your Zoom Tube into a field microscope, with a 32x power zoom. See snow crystals, the eyes of arachnids, the sublime patterns of nature. The single piece lens array uses anti-reflective coating with a low refractory index. See with the clarity you expect from Nocs.

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