My friend Gary came up with a new twist at Umstead. Our Wednesday group has traditionally run the Company Mill Trail. Gary came up with “The Gauntlet” for something new.

Here are Gary’s comments after our maiden voyage:

This workout is going to be a BEAST and a grind. Dean Karnazes wrote in and said that it would be too tough on him. Smile
Chuck and I test drove it today at a very casual and conversational pace (excluding last stretch up Reedy Creek Lake Trail).
It was a great day for it…cool temps and a light mist.
I really look forward to this workout… are baseline splits.
Parking Lot (last informational sign on left before hitting picnic area trail) to Bridge: 9:11
Bridge – Cardiac Attack Hill – Reedy Creek Bridal Path: 9:06
Turn around…down Cardiac Attack Hill – Bridge: 9:17
Bridge up to Parking Lot: 9:31
Parking Lot to start of 1st 800m: 1:27
1st 800m: 3:22
Down Reedy Creek Lake Trail to Reedy Creek: 5:24
Left on Reedy Creek – Up Corkscrew of Death – Around Pine Tree: 7:08
Down Corkscrew of Death to Reedy Creek Lake Trail: 6:43
Up Reedy Creek Lake Trail: 5:53
2nd 800m: 3:40
Total Time: 1:10:47