Falls Lake Mountains to Sea Trail WorkdayHere’s a recap from Jeff Brewer on Saturday’s event @ Falls Lake:

National Trails Day 6.2.07 – 60 volunteers attended Falls Lake to assist the Mountains-to-Sea Trail (MST). Great Outdoor Provision Co. and The North Face presented a check for $1,000 for our hard work. Thanks to them for The North Face & Great Outdoor Provision Co.supplying breakfast and other outdoor giveaways to our volunteers! Bruce Wisely was also recognized by American Hiking Society as the Mid-Atlantic volunteer of the year – only 9 people were selected for this award across the United States.

Work Accomplished on NTD:

  1. Section 10 – installed a 16 foot bridge – Thanks to the Corps for supplying the lumber.
  2. Section 12 – installed a 16 foot boardwalk – Thanks to the Corps for supplying the lumber.
  3. Sections 10, 8, 7,4,3,2,1 – have been walked and cleared of summer growth.
  4. Trail Construction to the Rolling View – State Park boundary is now completed. We await approval to move ahead by the various land agencies. We also assisted the Rolling View staff in our parking lot construction and installing signs on the MST inside of Rolling View.

It was a great day to work at Falls Lake – hats off to everybody that assisted to make this workday a success.