After living in the Falls Lake area for several years, I recently started exploring the extensive trail system for day hiking. For years I have used Falls Lake as a recreational resource for kayaking and mountain biking; however, it has only been recently that my dog is reaching the mature age where running with my bike is no longer an option. So short, day hikes appeared to be a good solution for keeping both my aging body and my dog’s aging four legs in physical shape.

Researching the hiking trails surrounding Falls Lake, I have discovered the Mountain to Sea Trail. This is a well-marked and maintained trail that primarily parallels the lake’s shoreline. The rough terrain makes the trail a challenge. This is especially true if you are trail running. However, I would also recommend the trail for beginners or folks simply being introduced to an outdoor experience for the first time. The State Park system controls much of the land surrounding Falls Lake so the trails have great facilities for parking, restrooms, and trail markers. Anyone can enjoy these trails. Simply be careful on the steep up and downhill sections and take the time to enjoy the views. You will simply not believe such great hiking trails are so close to Raleigh and Durham. I give the Falls Lake Mountains to Sea Trail five stars.

Danny Batten

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