The Necky Manitou series is our best selling line of kayaks –and for good reason. Quite simply, these are the most versatile kayaks on the market today. By versatile, we mean the Manitou family of kayaks is well suited for a wide variety of uses such as river use, ponds and lakes, estuaries, sounds and the like. For example, the Manitou 13 can safely handle Class II whitewater, make the complete beginner feel at ease on a local pond and do a light overnight trip at the coast with 2 ft seas and 15 knot winds. No other family of kayaks can perform so well on so many different types of water as the Necky Manitous.

As easy to paddle as most Recreational Kayaks, the Manitous however, are not limited to the typical protected waterways like a Rec boat. Indeed, the Manitous can ply many of the waterways frequented by Touring Kayaks (Sea Kayaks). On the other hand, the Manitou series is considerably more accessible than the typical sea kayak. In essence, these two accomplishments define the very nature of a Hybrid kayak and are made possible by the Manitou hull design.

The basic Manitou hull design is based on Mike Neckar’s famous Alsek. These original Alseks were basically short, wide sea kayaks with particularly full chines and moderate rocker. Like the Alsek, the Manitou allows the beginner to experience plenty of initial stability while providing access to a hull capable of edging –a defining characteristic of the sea kayak. In this manner, the beginner can grow with the sport as they learn to edge the Manitou for improved turning performance and rough water handling. Of course, Necky is famous for its sea kayaks and from their perspective, the Manitous are “recreational kayaks with a hint of British charm”. Whether you conceptualize the Manitou as a “Rec boat with British charm” or a very capable Hybrid, these kayaks are extremely versatile boats that you can truly grow into.