Like solitude? You’ll love Medoc Mountain State Park. Medoc Mountain is off the beaten path, meaning you’ll likely have Little Fishing Creek to yourself on a paddle, you’ll probably have little company on the 10 miles of trail that explore the park. And a fun park to explore as you walk through the ruins of an old Boy Scout camp and the first known wine making effort in the country, an effort responsible for what’s considered the American system of grape culture and winemaking. Ironically, liquor is not allowed in the park.

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Getting there from downtown Greenville
Address: 1541 Medoc State Park Road
City: Hollister
State: N.C.
Zip: 27844
Distance: 1 hour 20 minutes
Latitude: 36.2639
Longitude: 77.8883
No. of campsites: 34
No. with hookups: 12
No. without hookups: 24
Primitive sites: None
Reservations? Yes. 877-722-6762
Cost: $25 with hookup, $20 without
Year-round? Yes.
Gate hours: Open daily at 8 a.m., closes at 6 p.m. November-February; 8 p.m. March, April, September and October; 9 p.m. May-August.
Stuff to do nearby: Paddling, hiking, fishing, equestrian trails