Here’s the scoop from our paddle experts:

“This largely Class II river has a few Class IIIs and a tight course. It’s not uncommon for a downed tree to go from bank to bank. Like most Piedmont whitewater, this river rises fast and drains faster. The majority of the rapids are downstream of the bridge just above the take-out. Just at the river gauge on the opposite side of the river from the road there is a rather large rock that forces most of the water to river left. This creates a nice little wave to surf and a deep spot to practice rolling just downstream of the rock. Many people call this Rolling Rock.”

“Boiling Hole (pronounced “bowl’n hole”) is downstream 150 yards on extreme river left. The road comes within 10 feet of the rapid. The rocks that surround this rapid are covered in graffiti. This is a locals’ swim hole in the summer. Because of that it’s a good place to practice manners. Remember, your car is parked nearby and they know you won’t be around it for a while.
“The rapid itself is a drop that goes between two submerged rocks. The rocks are perfectly positioned to stack water on the boat and turn you over. Be ready to brace and have fun. At higher levels you can boof off the left into the eddie and run it cleaner.
“The rapid below is a jumble of rocks that push the majority of water to river right. Just before the last drop there is a chute that heads directly right and into a current that is going down stream. The added challenge is to cross this current into the eddie at the bank. The peel out of the eddie into the current and right the small standing waves into the pool.
Look for the beach below, on river left. That’s the take-out.

More info, including maps and access: “Paddling Eastern North Carolina,” Paul Ferguson (2007, Pocosin Press).

Getting there from downtown Greensboro


Rating: Class I-II, one III
Length: 3.4 miles
Drive: 1 hour from downtown
Put-in: Moore’s Mill Road (VA 629) bridge
Latitude: 36.3403
Longitude: 79.5915
Take-out: Mayo Beach Road (SR 1359)
Latitude: 36.3150
Longitude: 79.5936
Time to complete: 1.5 hours
Gauge: USGS North Mayo River near Spencer, VA
Minimum flow: 65 cfs
City: Spencer
State: VA