The AutoLoader Xv is the most advanced kayak carrier ever offered in the transport industry.Features

  • Jawz Universal Mounting System (Patent Pending) – fits square, round and factory oval cross
  • New Hex Head Mounting Bolts Fit All Rack Sizes
  • State of the Art Corrosion Free Plastic Injection Molded Frame
  • Molded Boarding Ramp for Easy Loading
  • Cavitated Construction to Add Strength & Reduce Weight
  • Increased Frame Dimensions to Handle Large Beam Kayaks
  • 9′ Cam Buckle Straps
  • Multi-Slotted For Various Loads
  • Ten Year Warranty


This is one of those gadgets that makes you wonder how you got along all this time without one. The Malone AutoLoader is a side-loading kayak cradle that mounts to your roof rack. There are three things that separate this product from the other “J shaped cradles“ on the market:

  1. The front lip of the Malone AutoLoader has a loading lip that makes loading your kayak on its side very easy. You simply lift the kayak and push it onto the AutoLoader. The loading lip will automatically position the kayak properly on its side.
  2. The Malone AutoLoader is made of a flexible, durable polymer material that is designed to flex and give with road vibrations and bumps –it’s like carrying your kayak on shock absorbers. Additionally, the AutoLoader is lined with a rubber pad that will protect the finish of your kayak, including Gel coated Composite boats.
  3. The Malone AutoLoader comes with multiple strap anchor slots. These slots allow greater flexibility in carrying kayaks of varying shapes and widths. Additionally, one can actually strap kayaks on the opposite side of the AutoLoader, in addition to the one you just loaded in the cradle. This feature allows the AutoLoader to be used as a kayak stacker, in addition to a “J shaped kayak cradle”.

Carrying kayaks on the side will save valuable roof rack real estate. Furthermore, most kayaks are stiffest when placed on their side, so a side loading cradle makes good sense. This is the only cradle I feel comfortable using with my $4000 Feathercraft Khatsalano. The Malone AutoLoader is available in three configurations. One will fit roof rack crossbars that are round, like Yakima. Another will fit square roof rack crossbars such as Thule. There is even a version available that will fit the majority of factory crossbars found on most SUVs, Minivans, and Wagons. To sweeten the value even more, Malone includes (2) 9 foot padded cam buckle straps with this fine roof rack accessory.

Review by Bittu Ali, canoe and kayak specialist at Great Outdoor Provision Co.