Rydr $65, Revolvr $65

I highly suggest trying on a pair of the new Kuhl Revolvr and Ryder pants. For guys who like a slightly more fitted pair of outdoor pants, these feel great and still give you all the flexibility of a more loose fit. The long gusset in the crotch and the articulated knee make it very easy to do just about anything without having to feel like you’re swimming in pants.

The Uberkuhl fabric in the Revolvr is a mix of nylon woven in with an oxford cotton that gives the pants a vintage and hard look of an old pair of carhartts without the abrasiveness. It also allows moisture to pulled to the nylon for quick evaporation and a feeling of an ultralight pair of pants. It’s truly a set of pants that can make it from the office to the trail without worry. You’ll get hooked as soon as you try them on!

– Ira Rushing, Greenville Shop