Kite Kayaking Boats of all sizes have been using the wind for thousands of years. Kites with canoes and kayaks act much like a downwind spinnaker on a sailboat. With a tailwind, you can really get a free ride.

Using a kite with a canoe or kayak works best with a stern rudder or using the paddle to rudder the boat. The key is to keep the kite out front. Placing a cleat in front of the cockpit helps with keeping the kite ahead of the boat.

Parafoil kites work best for this application because they have no frame and can be easily launched and retrieved. They also drain better once they accidentally splash.

Kiting and kayaking work best when the winds are light and steady. Take your time and practice. This is an easily learned skill; however, there is a learning curve. Stop by the shop to see our kite selection.