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On a cool sunny summer morning I sit with a group of people intently listening to Joe Noble. Joe, Tournament Director for the King’s Cup III Disc Golf Tournament, speaks of sportsmanship, rules of play, and generally gets the crowd excited about the two days of grueling disc golf we are about to endure. After Joe finishes, everyone heads to their starting hole and begins the first round of play.

The King’s Cup is in its third year and has continued to overfill its registration capacity of 90. Thanks to the hard work of Joe Noble and the entire Kinston Disc Golf Club the tournament has been a huge success, bringing recognition to the sport and bring people together from all over North Carolina.

Located at Barnet Park, the course weaves in and out of both a beautiful forested area and a well-maintained sports complex. The brainchild of Harold Duvall, Innova’s signature disc golf course designer, the course is one of the best in Eastern North Carolina and continues to challenge people of all skill levels.

For me, the King’s Cup has always been a time to relax, slow down and enjoy the company of fellow disc golfers. I don’t go to win awards or get recognized for my outstanding disc golf ability, but to spend time with friends share stories and enjoy the outdoors with people from across this great state. Just as the game of golf is known as “the great equalizer” so is the sport of disc golf. No matter your age or ability everyone is welcome and everyone is treated as top-notch players.

The tournament ended late Sunday afternoon with a basket toss and awards ceremony. I ended up improving my score 18 strokes after the first day of play, a personal best. As always, this tournament brings out the best in me. I leave feeling invigorated, uplifted, and ready to tackle new challenges. It shows me things within myself I did not know I had. I meet new friends and accomplish new goals. If you would like to learn more about the King’s Cup or the disc golf in Kinston, please visit:

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