Kayak Fishing was the fastest growing outdoor activity in 2011 and the popularity continues to grow. Getting started is easy with the relative low cost of purchasing a kayak in relation to the cost of a motorized craft. And kayak fishing tournaments are a great way to to meet new people and learn more about the sport.

kayak fishing
Kayak Fishing Team Member Mike Callahan in his Trident 13 Angler

Most tournaments are “photo catch and release” meaning you will need a digital camera and a means to measure the fish. Below are several resources that provide information on area tournaments. These include the increasingly popular “online tournament” which allow anglers to fish according to his or her schedule and participants can submit their catches online for judging. Probably the most recognized of the online tournaments is the Kayak War series.

Each of our shop locations is staffed with kayak anglers that can provide more details on the sport and offer suggestions as to how you can participate. It is lots of fun and provides a great way to be outdoors.

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