Robeson Creek boat access

For the most part on Jordan Lake, if you want a quiet paddle you need to stick to the small fingers that explore off the main channel. If you want a big water experience in your canoe or kayak, you best be prepared for the big wakes generated by the speed boats constantly on the prowl. That is, except, for the Robeson Creek area.

For whatever reason, the Johnson and Evinrude crowds shy away from Robeson Creek. That means you can put in and paddle the short distance down Robeson Creek to the main channel, go right and enjoy a couple miles of big water paddling with only the occasional wake to worry (and paddle) over. Or, go left and paddle upstream into the gray area where the Haw River becomes Jordan Lake. It gets rocky in through here and there’s an island. Unless there’s been a recent rain, you likely won’t make much progress upstream.

The rich forest lining the banks here makes Robeson Creek a popular spot for birding paddlers. Great blue herons are constantly on the prowl as are a variety of woodpeckers and seasonal migrants. Bald eagle sightings are common and don’t interpret the presence of the turkey vultures overhead as a reflection of your anemic paddling. A guidebook is a welcome companion on this stretch of water.

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Maps: GMCO’s Pro Series Map of Jordan Lake, $5.95

Getting there from downtown Chapel Hill
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 35 minutes from downtown Chapel Hill
Time to complete: 3 hours
Address: Providence Church Road (see “Getting there …” for directions)
City: Pittsboro
State: N.C.
Zip: 27312
Latitude: 35.4213
Longitude: 79.0539