Jonathan Grady grew up in a family full of recreational fishermen and women. He has been fishing from the time he could walk and catch a grasshopper to put on a hook. Growing up he would spend summer days with his grandfather hopping around to numerous farm ponds. As he got older, he and his dad made several trips a year to the coast fishing from boat and surf building his saltwater skills and knowledge. At the age of thirty, he decided it was time to take fishing to the next level with the purchase of a kayak. Since that day his love for fishing, especially kayak fishing has grown tremendously. In the past three years, he has broadened his horizons by targeting and catching more species of fish than he ever imagined possible from a kayak. His first time going offshore in a kayak was during the 2013 NCKFA Oak Island Classic in which he caught multiple flounder, a 40” redfish and a 25lb king mackerel on the first day. The second day consisted of several Spanish mackerel and a citation flounder, which solidified a 1st place for him in the tournament. After a stellar experience like that it was evident that he found his calling. To furthermore establish his offshore presence, he followed up the next two years with a 4th and then another 1st place finish.

As much as Jonathan loves catching fish himself, there is nothing he loves more than assisting others in their quest of the sport. When out on his tandem kayak there has been numerous times that he would hook a fish and pass the rod off so others could experience the rush of fight from such a simple vessel. This love has led him to team up with Froggy Waters Outdoors as a guide to expand the experience to others. He has become well known in the North Carolina kayak fishing community. Most recently, Jonathan has found a place on the Great Outdoor Provision Company and the Hobie Kayak fishing teams. The other thing that makes it so appealing to him is the brethren and comradery of the sport. Most everyone is as friendly as can be and willing to assist each other in any way possible from lending an extra paddle to resupplying necessary equipment during competitive events. Simply stated: He loves it all!