Dream big and dare to fail. These are the words that Julian Monroe Fisher lives by and after traveling to over 90 countries worldwide, including some of the most forbidding corners of the African continent, it’s safe to say he’s put them to good use.

Interestingly enough becoming a: heralded explorer, anthropologist, documentary filmmaker, and published author wasn’t always the plan for Monroe’s life journey. In fact prior to his father’s battle with lung cancer Monroe was involved with ski resort sales and marketing in addition to the mainstream hotel business until his father’s death which inspired a life change. In a recent conversation with Monroe he explained to me that the “long nights at the hospital” drove him to a realization that in the twilight of his own life he wanted to ensure he had the “memories and experiences of a lifetime.” As a result he immediately paid off his debts, sold everything he owned, and embarked on a new chapter of exploration.

And after conducting 6 Explorers Club flag sanctioned research expeditions to the African continent we could not be more thrilled about Monroe’s return home for his upcoming Carolina Rivers project in addition to a Fall 2014 In-Store Lecture Series at GOPC! With 5 dates scheduled throughout the month of October we invite you to join Monroe on a storytelling voyage from South Sudan to Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, and Angola where every track could take you onto an unexploded land mine or lion that has been stalking you through the tall savannah grass. In addition to captivating tales Monroe will provide invaluable field-tested insight into planning and executing a 21st century expedition whether you’re headed halfway across the world or a few miles from your own backyard. Check out the dates below to discover when the lecture series hits your neck of the woods and stay-tuned for more fun trivia, travel tips, and media about Mr. Julian “let’s see Bear Gryllz do this” Monroe Fisher.

Thursday 10/2/14: Charlotte

Tuesday 10/7/14:  Winston-Salem

Wednesday 10/15/14:  Chapel Hill

Tuesday 10/14/14: Greenville

Wednesday 10/22/14:  Wilmington