by John Millsaps

Whether you’re thru-hiking the AT or surviving another North Carolina hurricane season, our Brunton Hydrogen Reactor can power your electronic devices when you need them most. This cutting-edge device combines hydrogen and oxygen in order to produce portable energy under any conditions. Run your UV water purifier, fire up that GPS tracker, simply lock the Hydrogen Core fuel into the reactor to power countless USB devices.

What’s more, our nine shop locations now feature a Brunton HYDROLYSER unit which will allow us to refill your spent Hydrogen fuel Cores. This fast, effective, recharging option generates ZERO toxic byproducts and will additionally be FREE of charge for MULEteam members ($3.00 normal cost). Stop by your local GOPC today in order to learn more about the Hydrogen Reactor and discover our state of the art hydrogen generation system for energy virtually anywhere (except near an open flame…BOOM).