by Gwen (Charlotte Staff)

Today I took the Hobie Mirage Revolution out for a quick spin in the Atlantic off of Hilton Head Isle. Just like standard sit-on-top kayaks, the Revolution is a blast in the surf and super stable but with the added benefit of having pedals. Once I paddled out in deeper water, I deployed the rudder with a simple pull of the down cable and off I went using the Mirage drive pedals. Returning to the beach was an easy event too, I just turned the rudder lever until I did a U-turn back to the beach. A few steering inputs with the rudder and I was lined up for a perfect straight in run. Once I was closer to the beach I kicked one foot forward to tuck the Mirage fins under the kayak, picked up my paddle and surfed the kayak onto the beach.

Next time I’m definitely taking my fishing equipment to see if I can hook a fish big enough that I will have to utter that famous line from Jaws…”You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”