City Lake Park

High Point Lake is one of those bodies of water that seems much bigger than it is. By the measuring stick, it’s 340 acres of water surface. Yet once you get behind the paddle, the craggy shoreline dense with forest makes for seemingly infinite opportunities to explore. Toward the lake’s northernmost reaches there’s marshy wetlands that will make you feel you’re paddling the coast.

Part of the lake’s natural attraction results from it being a source of drinking water; as a result there’s limited development along its shores. The lake also benefits from being lined to the west by the Piedmont Environmental Center, a 376-acre nature preserve. Fans of wildlife, and birders in particular, will appreciate this paddle.

Amenities abound on the surrounding shoreline. The Piedmont Environmental Center has eight miles of hiking trail while City Lake Park, along the south shore, has one of the largest swimming pools in the Southeast, especially enticing after a summer’s day on the water.

City Lake Park also offers seasonal boat rentals for the boatless.

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Getting there from downtown Greensboro
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 20 minutes from downtown Greensboro
Time to complete: 1-2 hours
Address: 602 W. Main St.
City: Jamestown
State: N.C.
Zip: 27282
Latitude: 35.5964
Longitude: 79.5700