Peninsula Trail

Every once in a while you pine for flat, foot-friendly, fast singletrack where you can, frankly, log a really fast time. Usually average 10 minutes per mile on hiking trail? Odds are you’ll break 9:30 at Harris Lake.

The Peninsula Trail begins off the parking lot farthest from the park entrance (just keep driving until you run out of pavement). It heads to the water, takes a right, then clings to the edge of a peninsula for most of its run. You’ll pass through wetlands, you’ll go through a healthy stand of longleaf pines, you’ll encounter a small cove climb or two, you’ll brush up against the park’s 18-hole disc golf course, you’ll return through an upland stretch that takes in some park history. Before you know it you’ll be back at the start hungry for another 5 miles. If that’s the case, simply reverse course and get your miles in the double-digits.

If you live in southern Wake County, it should become a staple in your weekly running routine. If you live elsewhere in the Triangle, you should make a point to visit on a regular basis. Harris Lake’s Peninsula Trail is a feel-good trail guaranteed to boost your confidence.

More info

Maps: Available at park.

Getting there from downtown Raleigh

Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 30 minutes from downtown Raleigh
Length: 5 miles
Time to complete: 1 – 1.5 hours
Address: 2112 County Park Drive
City: New Hill
State: N.C.
Zip: 27562
Latitude: 35.3759
Longitude: 78.5573