This all started about three months ago when I was trying two find a way to ride my bike to work in order to save myself some gas money and reduce my carbon footprint. Try as I might I could not find a safe route from Garner to Cameron Village. It seems there was no way to get from my house to downtown with out riding on a 45mph road that had no shoulder for a bike.Well, gas motorcycle came to mind as I had owned one as a kid and really loved the whole experience. With 60+mpg it was tempting but gas was what I was trying to avoid. I liked the idea of the 50cc scooters but those things can’t keep up with traffic and all the ones I’ve seen are either holding up traffic or getting passed by angry drivers. I did not want to be “that guy”.

At some point I had the hair brained idea that I could build an electric motorcycle. Why not? People build homemade electric cars and a motorcycle is just a smaller version and more fun to ride. As some one told me once, “it’s cheap therapy”.

I digress. So I watched Craigs list for weeks until I saw just what I wanted. A sport bike with a seized engine for less than $600. Bought it for $500 and hauled it home. Pulled the motor out and got to work cleaning and painting the frame. Two months of nights and a few weekends, a lot of research and $2500 later and I have what I had hoped for, a way to get around that uses zero fuel and does not emit greenhouse gases.

Here are the specs:

  • Stock weight before: 450lbs, Now: 495lbs
  • 5 deep cycle batteries for 60 volts of power
  • 18 hp electric DC motor and controller
  • Custom made dash with electronic battery monitoring system
  • 6 onboard chargers
  • Tires: big fatty in the back, little skinny in the front.
  • Custom made hard anodized aluminum rear sprocket 72 tooth, front is 15 tooth
  • Top speed at 80% power limited at 45mph 0-45mph at 4.5sec according to GPS
  • Fully programmable computer controlled motor controller
  • All components MADE IN THE USA!
  • 8-10 hr. recharge time
  • 30 mile range
  • Bike was originally a 150hp Honda CBR600f2 crotch rocket

This thing exceeded all my expectations when I was done.

– Chris Murphy, GOPC Staff